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Herbal extracts may seem daunting, but they are surprisingly easy to make yourself! This recipe is for a basic glycerite, which is an herbal extract using vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol, making it appropriate for children and those not consuming alcohol. You can make herbal extracts with both fresh and dry plant matter and the number of options is limitless! I prefer adding my glycerite extracts to jazz up my sparkling water, a little mock-tail of sorts.

Stinging Nettle leaf -  Deeping nutritive to the immune system, urinary system, and nervous system just to name a few. Its high magnesium content can help ease menstrual and leg cramps.

Burdock root - Helps support healthy skin, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and mucous membranes by aiding the body's ability to remove toxins. So if you have problem skin or eczema this herb could be the one for you!

nettle leaf

16 oz mason jar
measuring cups
distilled or filtered water
dried herb
vegetable glycerin
glass amber bottle with dropper

The How-To
Add ½ cup of whatever dried herb you choose to the mason jar. Next, add about ¼ ½ cup of distilled water and then fill the rest of the mason jar with vegetable glycerin (this one is palm-free) up to just below the rim (you want to make sure that you have at least 70% vegetable glycerin to inhibit bacteria from growing). Cap tightly, write the date and the herb on some masking tape so you know what you made, shake vigorously to mix. Store in a cool dark place and shake every day or as often as you remember and then strain after about one month and bottle in an amber bottle with a dropper. These are AMAZING gifts too FYI.

burdock root

Some other delicious herbs to turn into glycerites are schisandra berry, hawthorn berry, and gotu kola.


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