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How To Burn Resin Incense


Burning resin is a whole other incense experience and often a little more difficult to light. The key is using self-igniting charcoal disks and here is how you do it... When using charcoal disks or any other burnable make sure to use non-flammable dishes, bowls, or plates. A little bit of sand or small pebbles work really well as a base for the charcoal disk

One of the easiest ways of lighting the charcoal disk is using a candle and tongs. Any type of tongs works, those that you cook with, special charcoal disk tongs, needle nose pliers, or tweezers if you are really in a bind.

Hold the disk's bottom over the flame until it starts to crackle, then do the same to the top. Then place the now VERY hot disk on the sand or directly on the dish (the resin will leave some residue so use a dish that you don't mind designating as your incense dish. We have some of those too :) 

Sprinkle some copal resin and palo santo dust from the Copal Palo Santo Incense Kit, or any other resin onto the center of the disk. 

The resin and dust melt and then burn, creating a smoke that is amazingly light and intoxicating. If you have ever visited Mexico or Mexico City, this will transport you back. There is quite a bit of smoke, it can fill a room/house rather quickly, so I like to put the dish just out a window or front door and let the breeze waft small in amounts. You can also try to snap the disk in the half so it doesn't burn as long. If you need more self-igniting charcoal disks here is a link for more.