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What we love about our clay masks is how easy they are to customize depending on what your skin needs in that moment. And those needs are not static. 

Change is inevitable with the body. Your skin might not always be dry, or you might not experience frequent breakouts. But our skin changes depending on so many nuanced factors (season, stress-level, what you ate that day, even wearing material that irritates it unexpectedly.)  

Our clay masks are created with great care by using a short list of mighty, plant-derived ingredients. The versatile base allows you to make special additions - using ingredients from the kitchen pantry - depending on what your skin needs that day. 

Masking should be approachable and delightfully indulgent. Not only do you get to feel like a DIY queen, you get to know the body by paying attention to how your skin changes. 

We want to care for - and work with - the skin, not fight against it.

Whether targeting a natural reaction in the body or looking to slow down and nourish your skin, discover the flexible magic of our clay masks.

When you’re experiencing dry skin but still want to detox, use the Matcha Enzyme Mask and add...

What makes the Matcha Enzyme Mask special?

Antioxidants in matcha green tea reduce inflammation and evens skin tone.

Gentle exfoliation from papaya releases dead skin cells leaving the surface of the skin smooth and supple. The healing properties in the yarrow work to soften and soothe the skin. Yarrow naturally causes the skin cells to contract, shrinking the skin and encouraging the skin to heal. The matcha mask reduces anxiety and balances hormones thanks to geranium essential oil. The benefits of micro molecules in French green clay literally drink oils, toxic substances, and impurities from your skin. And rhassoul clay aids in skin regeneration while tightening the pores. Its nourishing powers help to reduce dryness and clear up blemishes.

Experiencing a breakout or just want to clear out your pores? Use the Charcoal Burdock Mask and add...
  • freshly brewed warm green tea, chamomile tea, or coffee (yes, coffee!) 
  • a bit of apple cider vinegar 
  • plain Greek yogurt 
  • Follow with the Mugwort Clary Sage Mist and while the skin is still damp, gently massage in one or two pumps of the Green Tea Serum

What makes the Charcoal Burdock Mask special?

Burdock root has been used in cosmetic products to increase circulation to the skin, helping to detoxify the epidermal tissues and for the treatment of acne and other skin disorders. This mask has a great dose of Vitamin C (hello, collagen boost) from the Amazonian superfood, camu camu (contains the highest natural source of Vitamin C in the world!). Plantain leaf works to regenerate the skin and eases inflammation. Activated charcoal is the perfect antidote to problem skin. It’s antibacterial and extracts toxins from beneath the skin, drawing out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt, and other micro-particles. Lastly, ho wood essential oil generates new cell growth, making this mask a powerful anti-aging ally.

    Ready to mask?

    Step 1 - Before applying masks, you always want to remove makeup. We love using the Willow Cleanser to get us ready to mask.

    Step 2 - Mix 1 teaspoon of the mask powder with approximately 1 teaspoon of water, hydrosol, tea, coffee, honey, Greek yogurt, etc. adding more if needed to achieve a smooth, batter-like texture. 

    Step 3 - I prefer using a masking brush to apply the mask mixture to my face but your fingers work just as well. 

    Step 4 - Leave the mask on for 5 to10 minutes. Lay in a warm bath or a comfy chair with a mug of tea while you wait :) 

    Step 5 - Using warm water and a washcloth, hold the damp washcloth to your face to rehydrate the mask so it is more easily removed.

    Step 6 - Pat dry and then follow with a toning mist and facial serum/oil 

    Note: redness is normal due to increased blood flow, and will dissipate in about 30 minutes. Masks are so wonderful to use to help reset our skin and remove build up but it is also important not to over-do a good thing. I recommend using a mask 1 to 2 times a week or use as a spot treatment on acne spots.


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