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Hydrosols have been gaining popularity in the green beauty community over recent years and for good reason. A hydrosol may be understood in part through uncovering the meaning of the word itself, hydro meaning water and sol meaning solution. In essence, hydrosols are therapeutic “plant waters” that contain all of the water soluble nutrients of the plant including trace counts of essential oils.

Hydrosols are created via the process of steam distillation. This occurs by distilling spring water through freshly harvested plant material such as roots, leaves, or flowers in a copper still which gently extracts the water soluble medicinal constituents of the plant. The result of this process is a potent and aromatic hydrating elixir that provides a plethora of benefits to the skin.

The ways in which one may make use of a hydrosol is vast though they have a
particular affinity to supporting the function of the skin and make for powerful allies in toning, hydrating the complexion, and restoring the pH of your skin's acid mantel.

What's an acid mantel? An acid mantel is the protective barrier on your skin that is composed of sebum (the oil produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin that keeps your skin pliable and supple), and sweat. This mantel has an average pH range of 4-5.5 which is slightly acidic, hence the acid mantel and it can be disrupted by washing your face. Hydrosol's naturally have a pH of 5-5.5 therefore help to restore the pH balance of your skin! 

The particular support provided to the skin is dependent on the type plants found within the hydrosol that is being used, meaning that each botanical present within a hydrosol contains a particular action on the skin.

For example, tonifying qualities of a hydrosol may come from the astringent properties of the plant which may be experienced in the tannin rich schizandra berry found in our Lavender Milky Oat Mist. The lavender found within this blend works as a powerful antiseptic that cleanses and regenerates the skin all while modulating any signs of inflammation. Milky oats are moisturizing in nature and provides the skin with soothing relief. 

What's the best way to use a hydrosol? I realized several years ago that I was using hydrosol mists and toners all wrong. I would cleanse my face, pat it dry, mist a toner, then wait for that to dry and then apply my facial oil. What was the crucial step that I was doing wrong? Waiting for the mist to dry before I applied a face serum. They absolute key to a dewy, hydrated, and nourished complexion is to spritz your face with a toner after you cleanse and WHILE your face is still damp from the mist, apply the face oil. When you gently massage the facial oil of facial balm into your skin, you are mixing the hydrosol and oil together, essentially making an emulsion directly on your face. The oil seal in the moisture preventing it from evaporating and your are left with radiant and hydrated skin.

You may also spritz the hydrosol into a bowl featuring one of our facial masks to activate the preparation, gently whisk and apply to the skin. Keep a bottle of Lavender Milky Oat Mist or Sweetgrass Mist by your side and mist upon your crown to usher you into the present moment and encourage emotional healing all while enveloping your being in a sense of serenity.

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